The shelter is located in a leafy street in a tranquil part of Phnom Penh, close to the school the children attend and in walking distance to sports and recreational facilities. The Sok Sabay shelter in Phnom Penh attends to almost 50 children, with ages that range from 4 up to 20 years old.

The main building accommodates the youngest children of both genders, as well as the older female students. The boys are accommodated at a separate location one street away.

The Sok Sabay shelter includes dormitories, administrative offices, an infirmary, a library, a kitchen and a combined dance and sports hall in the top floor. The paved courtyard is home to many large trees and provides a very pleasant playground for the children.

Around the courtyard there is a computer room and a music room, as well as classrooms where the children can do their homework and get extra lessons from the dedicated team of teachers and volunteers.

At Sok Sabay the belief is that a good education is essential for achieving success in life. All the school age children have access to full-time education in a private institution in Phnom Penh where they are taught in Khmer and in English, from Primary Year 1 to High School Year 12.

The younger children attend a private kindergarten.

Sok Sabay believes that including a strong program of sports and arts results in well-rounded, confident young adults who will develop into successful citizens.

At the Sok Sabay shelter a wide range of hobbies, sports, outings and art lessons is offered: from swimming, rugby and aikido; to oil painting, music and Khmer traditional dances – the children have varied activities for expressing their creativity and passion.

The children get balanced meals and nutritious snacks while they reside at the Sok Sabay shelter, as well as all immunizations and medical attention necessary for their well being. Children enrolled in school have lunch in the school’s cafeteria, while the little ones have their lunch in the Sok Sabay courtyard.

Running the Sok Sabay shelter and providing meals, medical care and education for the children is an ongoing process that incurs many expenses and costs.

Please consider a donation to help us.
It is thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, donors, volunteers and friends that Sok Sabay is able to make a difference for these children, and give them a future.

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