Why Donate to Sok Sabay ?

Sok Sabay is an association under the French law of 1901 and recognised as being of public utility since May 1995.

Operating in Cambodia, the association works closely with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sok Sabay has been in existence for 23 years now and is proud to be able to continue its work thanks to its wonderful donors.

Whatever the amout, we need donors to help us, to help our children, to help to change their life. As a donor, you are essential in a mission that we are sharing from now on. Thank you so much for this tremendous help.
Marie Camal

What is the cost of living
in Cambodia ?

Cambodia is a very affordable country. On average, the cost of living in Cambodia in 2018 is 41% lower than in France is 46% lower than in the United States for example. For the same price as a coffee on the terrace in Paris, you can buy the equivalent of 3 meals and 2 snacks for a child.

With a small gesture, you can do great things for the children of Sok Sabay. Here is a small overview of the cost of living in Cambodia and how you can help us:


For 50$, 40 children can enjoy 3 meals per day.

Sport Clothes

For 150$, 40 children can wear new sport clothes.


For 20$, 40 children can have a new toiletry.


For 120$, you can cover 120 hours of English lessons for a child.

Where Your Donation Goes ?

Annual Audit

For 10 years now, in the beginning of June, the association is audited. This year, the audit will be conducted by Grant Thornton, one of the world’s largest professional services network of independent accounting, certifying the transparency of our accounts, the good internal management of our structure as well as the use made of the funds received. This process allows us to have a rigorous control over our finances, where we also carry out a pre-control with the help of an independent accounting firm hired specifically for the preparation of the audit. Our annual report is available online and accessible to all, where you can read our annual budget.

In 2017, our budget was divided into these bellowing parts

Medical Care
University Students
Family Assistants
EDC, Running water, Gas
Leisures & Sports
Transportation & Travel

Our association and our actions have caught your attention and you wish to make a gesture, the donation is a simple and useful means to help us, whatever the amount paid.


You can make a donation directly
with your Paypal account, a simple
and 100% secure solution:

Credit Card

You can use your credit card
to make a donation by clicking
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Bank Transfer

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Others ways to help.

There are lots of possibilities if you want to help Sok Sabay, click on one of the actions that interest you and make your own contribution! Any help is welcome: