A Better Future Through a Scholarship

Sok Sabay works in partnership with the local community to provide education, financial assistance and counselling to young girls from Akha communities in Laos. This program also aims to train local teachers to enable young Akha girls to complete their schooling in the best possible conditions.

Though the Sok Sabay scholarship we want to promote and support education in Cambodia. This is the only way to break the vicious circle of poverty. Today we proudly help 46 Akhas students though the scholarship.
Marie Camal

Akha Students
In Laos

The Laos Popular Democratic Republic is one of Asia’s poorest countries, with a Gross Domestic Product (per capita) of US $2300 – even after three decades of stability, progress is very slow. Quality education is unaffordable for many families in the countryside, and it is in those communities where gender inequality is most severe.

In the Long District of Laos’ highlands, the Akha ethnicity places female students at a disadvantage, as educating male children is traditionally seen as important; families will not educate a female child if they have already educated a male child.

The Goals

By custom, girls that are not in school must work for their families: carrying water or firewood, working in the fields, or providing hospitality to guests from outside their communities. This makes female Akha children very vulnerable and exposes them to abuse, violence and exploitation – a vicious circle that will keep perpetuating itself as the lack of education provides no opportunities for advancement.
Some families cannot send their daughters to school due to financial pressures, debt, unemployment or substance abuse. Part of our mission in the Akha community is to visit these family groups, and convince the head of the family of the importance of committing their daughters to full-time education.

When girls are under the protection of school regulations they are safe from harmful practices, while they also gain access to a brighter future through education. In time these girls will become community leaders, and will provide opportunities for education to increased numbers of female students.

By providing scholarships to female Akha students, and financial support and assistance to their families, Sok Sabay helps break the cycle of poverty and exploitation in the community.

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In partnership with the Norwegian Church Aid, Sok Sabay Laos has already provided scholarships to 46 Akha students. These girls would otherwise be deprived of their post-Grade 5 education, but are now allowed to pursue their love for learning because they were awarded scholarships. The type of education they receive spars basic secondary school education to specialization in education, nursing and medical school training. The scholarships serve to empower young women from underprivileged backgrounds and expands their capacity for decision-making at the community and provincial levels.

Help Us

For just 2,500 USD, you can provide one girl with the invaluable opportunity for further education. One scholarship covers 7 years of post-primary studies. It includes her monthly allowance of 30 USD which covers educational fees, food, transportation and other basic needs. Your participation will provide Akha girls with not just an education but greater opportunities for themselves and their communities…. 

This type of project would not be possible without your precious help!


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