Girls Dormitory

Sok Sabay Laos is currently building a second girls’ dormitory in Phongsaly Province, May district. This second project, made possible thanks to the support of the Jabil Golf Foundation of Singapore, is scheduled to end in June 2018. This dormitory serves only girls from the Akha ethnic community, who can safely attend school and live in a healthy and peaceful space. 

In addition of Luang Prabang, we are currently building a new girls dormitory in Phongsaly. Regarding the current situation on place, we wanted to build a second dormitory in Laos.
Marie Camal


Phongsaly province is the northernmost province in Laos. It borders Yunnan (China) and the province of Điện Biên (Vietnam), which makes construction more complex. Crossed along its entire length by the Nam Ou, a tributary of the Mekong, it is the main trade route between Laos and China. 

Very mountainous region, going up to 1800 meters of altitude, it nevertheless suffered much from deforestation. In addition, the climate is difficult and delays the construction of the girlsdormitory.

A Big Social Issue

The goal of this project is above all to protect these girls when they go to school, so that they have a safe place to work serenely, with running water and electricity. It’s a dormitory that offers to 65 Akhas girls everything they need. We have equipped them with double beds as well as mosquito nets and blankets so that they have all the necessary comfort. 

Indeed, the dormitory was built on the school campus, avoiding any travel for girls and allowing them to concentrate on their studies. This solution also responds to the transport solution, because without its dormitories, girls have to take a dangerous, painful and long journey. They live in the dormitory from Monday to Friday, during school periods and return at weekends to visit their families. 

Without this dormitory, communities build huts from recovered and weak materials. During monsoons or the winter period, children are unfortunately not protected by these huts, which fly away and are easily destroyed, leaving children at risk

Akha students

The Akhas are an ethnic group from China’s Yunnan province now found in Burma, Thailand and Laos. There are many branches of this people including the Akha Pixor, the Akha Pala and the Akha Ya-er. We can easily distinguish the different types of Akha by the ornaments that women wear.

The Akhas are an ethnic group that Sok Sabay is helping through two projects: scholarships and the construction of this second dormitory, which will serve only the Akha community.

Help Us

Would you like to support Sok Sabay Laos? It’s entirely possible! Although the Luang Prabang dormitory has been completed, we have other construction projects, this one in Phongsaly province, May district, where construction is currently underway, and a second one, currently in the planning and fundraising stages, in Luang Prabang province.

Know that every gesture is an invaluable help and we thank you for your generosity. You can help by making a donation directly to the project of your choice. 

It is thanks to the support of our sponsors, donors, volunteers, and friends that Sok Sabay is able to make a difference in the lives of these children and give them a future. 

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