The Children Shelter

In Phnom Penh, children live full-time in a shelter with all the necessary comfort. They follow an education at school and recreation activities on daily basis through sport, music and plastic art. Sok Sabay is, above all, a children shelter. We believe in a better future far from poverty and violence in which they lived. We provide education, healthy lifestyle and medical monitoring care follow up according to their pathology.

I Believe that providing children with an education and health care are the most successful strategies to help break the multi-generational cycle of poverty, neglect and abuse in Cambodia.
Marie Camal


Phnom Penh is the Cambodian capital located at the confluence of the Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers. Cambodia is a country still stuck in endemic poverty. The child mortality rate is one of the highest in the world at 51‰ (2014, source: Furthermore, more than 33% of the population lives on less than a dollar a month.

While Sok Sabay’s primary mission is to rescue children from vulnerable and violent environments, the association also wants to build this new generation of young people. They will have an education and schooling in Sok Sabay that will enable them to become the citizens of tomorrow.

The Childrens

 In Sok Sabay, children go to school to learn elementary school subjects. They also have evening classes in math, physics, chemistry and biology. The teachers are partly paid by Sok Sabay. Most children sufferring from chronic diseases, which results in a lack of schooling. This contribution of additional courses allow them to catch up with the school level.

In addition, they follow sports and artistic activities to ensure their personal development. This activities have real therapeutic effects on them. They practice instrumental music and play sports (rugby, aikido, yoga, swimming…). Finally, they regularly participate in extra-curricular activities to arouse their curiosity on various topics.

Children welcomed in Sok Sabay receive balanced meals and nutritious snacks, as well as vaccines and the medical attention necessary for their proper development. The children who go to school have their lunch in the cafeteria, and the little ones have their lunch in the courtyard.

Running the Sok Sabay center, preparing meals, providing medical care and education for the children is a long and expensive task.

Human Size NGO

We attach great importance to helping each child in a personal way and adapted to his or her situation and pathology. It is a real choice made by Sok Sabay to remain an association on a human scale, in order to respect children and our values. They each receive an adapted education, a lifestyle as well as a medical follow-up. 

Our motto : education and care child by child.

A Therapy Through Education

At Sok Sabay, we firmly believe that a good education is essential to a successful life. All school-age children receive full-time education in a private school in Phnom Penh, where they learn Khmer and English from primary to high school.

We devote a lot of time to sports and artistic activities, because they act as a real therapy, allowing them to overcome the wounds of the past. Thus, they draw, paint, do aikido, swimming pool, drums…


The Shelter

The center of Phnom Penh is located in a quiet and shady street, close to the children’s school and sports and recreational centres. 

Sok Sabay welcomes about fifty children, ranging from 4 to 20 years old.

The main building welcomes the youngest children, girls and boys, as well as young female students. The boys are in a building a block away.

The center includes dormitories, administrative offices, an infirmary, a library, a kitchen, a dance and sports hall. The courtyard of the house is protected by large trees and serves as a play area for children.

Around the courtyard, there is also a computer room, as well as classrooms where children can do their homework and can receive extra lessons from our wonderful team of teachers and volunteers.

After Sok Sabay

Because we help them rebuild and flourish, Sok Sabay is committed to following the children even as they leave the shelter

Indeed, our work extends beyond the refuge and continues in Siem Reap with the Paul Dubrule School of Hotel and Tourism as well as the faculties of Phnom Penh

All this support is possible thanks to the invaluable help of the children’s sponsors, who undertake to pay for the children’s higher education so that they can follow their path and obtain a diploma. This is an essential step so that they can find quality work and be properly paid.

The Students

Raising the third generation at the centre, we are proud to have among our alumni today a scientist, four who graduated in law and economics, four in hotel and tourism and one who is in second year of architecture. 

These results are there today thanks to more than 23 years of work done by Marie Cammal and her team, without whom these children would not have been able to obtain these diplomas. But this success is of course thanks to our dear donors and sponsors, you make sure that Sok Sabay’s work continues every day.

Help Us

Would you like to help the children shelter of Sok Sabay? Know that every gesture is an invaluable help and we thank you for your generosity. You can help by sponsoring a child from the shelter by donating 100 USD each month. If you do not wish to become a sponsor, you can make a one-time donation to the association of the amount you wish, every gesture counts! Finally, if you wish to live a beautiful experience and give your time to the association, we would be delighted to receive you in Phnom Penh as volunteers!

It is thanks to the support of our sponsors, donors, volunteers, and friends that Sok Sabay is able to make a difference in the lives of these children and give them a future.

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