Four Projects to Save Children

L’association Sok Sabay is a french non-profit association created in 1995, apolitical and non-religious. We are helping children in situations of abuse, abandon, torture, neglect and all kinds of child exploitation in Cambodia and Laos. It works in three areas: education, health and poverty. Sok Sabay has committed to four different projects aimed at fulfilling his goal and helping communities and children to cope and live a decent life.

Phnom Penh

In Phnom Penh, children live full-time in a shelter with all the necessary comfort. They follow an education at school and recreation activities on daily basis through sport, music and plastic art. Sok Sabay is, above all, a children shelter. We believe in a better future far from poverty and violence in which they lived. We provide education, healthy lifestyle and medical monitoring care follow up according to their pathology.


Sok Sabay Laos is currently building a second girls’ dormitory in Phongsaly Province, May district. This second project, made possible thanks to the support of the Jabil Golf Foundation of Singapore, is scheduled to end in June 2018. This dormitory serves only girls from the Akha ethnic community, who can safely attend school and live in a healthy and peaceful space.

Luang Prabang Dormitory

 Sok Sabay is also working with communities in Laos, including a first project to build girls’ dormitories in Luang Prabang Province, in the Phoukhoune district. This first project lasted 4 months and was finalized in February 2017, allowing 65 girls from the Hmong, Khmou and Lao Loum ethnic groups to attend school in complete serenity.

Sok Sabay

Sok Sabay Laos was launched in 2014. This project provides scholarships to indigenous communities in the Long District Luang Nantha, to provide female Akha students with the opportunity to attend school from Grade 6 through university.