Our projects

As of October 2014, the Sok Sabay Association is embarked on two projects.

The Sok Sabay shelter in Phnom Penh
Located in a tranquil side of Phnom Penh, the shelter has been our core project for the last 20 years. Almost 50 children ranging  from the ages of 3 to 19 reside with Sok Sabay, and  pursue a program of full-time education in a private institution, all meals, medical care and recreational activities.
The Akha villages in Laos
Sok Sabay has partnered with the local community to deliver financial support and guidance to female Mid and High School students of the  Akha ethnic group in the Laos' highlands. This program also includes training of local teachers to enable Akha girls to be able to finish their schooling in the best possible circumstances.