Sok Sabay meaning ‘happiness’ in Khmer, the language of Cambodia, is a registered charity in Paris- France – May 1995 (J.O.) which rescues children from domestic violences, tortures, abandon and all forms of child exploitation. Sok Sabay is a non political nor religious association.

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The children in the Sok Sabay shelter in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, have access to full-time education in a local international school and at Sok Sabay with ongoing extra-curriculum in Khmer language, maths, physics, biology and chemistry. They are involved with sports (rugby, football and Aikido) as well as instrumental music (violin, piano, clarinet, drums, guitar and recorder).
They are living permanently at the shelter with three meals a day and two snacks. They have access to the kitchen, dining room, sports hall and a large garden where most activities are organised. The shelter has numerous dormitory rooms where the children are living by age group.
All the children have a professional medical follow up regularly.

Our mission: Providing the children with education to allow them to build a stronger future and help their family out of poverty.

Sok Sabay is also involved in offering scholarships to female students from the Akha community in the highlands and the construction of dormitory and secondary school for various ethnic minorities (Hmong, Khmu, Phong and Lao Lum). Most of the female ethnic minorities are often denied access to education and they end up in the cycle of poverty, doing manual work for their families. Or worse.

Reenforcing female education in Laos

Founded by Marie Cammal in 1995, Sok Sabay is funded by private or public donors, foundations and charitable organizations. Currently  the shelter in Phnom Penh is providing care to  55 children, while efforts in Laos ensure the scholarship for young female Akha as well as the construction of a dormitory and a secondary school  for Hmong, Khmu, Phong and Lao Lum ethnic minorities.

Our vision: Providing young Lao children with education will allow them to build a stronger future for themselves and their communities.