Help us

You can help Sok Sabay’s mission in three different ways.

Akha children in their classroom
Akha children in their classroom
Become a donor
By financially supporting Sok Sabay, you are directly helping our cause. A small donation goes a long way in Cambodia and Laos, and your donation is 100% invested in our projects and children.
We are a self-supporting, independent organisation. We do not pay commissions to "brokers" or "agents" to help Sok Sabay spread its message or raise funds; generous donors and our loyal friends and volunteers provide for our administrative needs, so all donations can be used for the children.
Become a sponsor
Sponsoring a child is a longer term commitment, where you participate in the process of raising, educating and nurturing one of the children of Sok Sabay. 
When you sponsor a child you also establish an emotional bond and it will be expected that besides your financial support, you will engage in the exchange of letters, photographs, birthday presents and - if you come to Cambodia - you may meet your sponsored child in Sok Sabay's shelter.
Become a volunteer
Volunteers are the essence of Sok Sabay and they help us transform lives, one smile at a time.
The rewards of working as a volunteer are immense, but it is a demanding job and does not suit everyone. Long hours away from home, no financial incentives and integrating and adapting to a new culture are all challenges that must be carefully considered before applying as a volunteer for Sok Sabay.