Facts and figures: cost of a child per day

Running the Sok Sabay shelter in Phnom Penh and providing meals, medical care and education for the children is an ongoing process that incurs many expenses and costs.

The following chart illustrates the costs of supporting a child per day in the Sok Sabay shelter in Phnom Penh during 2015. Please read the “Additional Notes” to learn more about each of the programs and activities at the shelter.

The figures are calculated as an average for all the children in Sok Sabay Cambodia, and are expressed as U.S. dollars. You can click on the parts of the graph to see the USD value for each.

The average cost per child per day is 7 dollars and 11 cents.

Additional Notes

  • School fees: payments to educational institutions. Includes stationery and books
  • Tutoring: payments to tutors and instructors for Sok Sabay’s educational enrichment programs
  • Arts / dance: tutoring in visual arts, drama and traditional Khmer dance
  • Shelter costs: include the rent for the house, running costs (water, electricity, gas), staff, cleaning, toiletries and transport
  • Recreation: sports and leisure activities organized by Sok Sabay such as Rugby, Swimming, Aikido and visits to museums and fairs
  • Meals: three daily meals and afternoon snacks for all the children
  • Music: tutoring in violin, percussion, guitar, keyboard

With your generous donation, or by sponsoring a child, you are helping Sok Sabay cover some of these costs and ensure a better future for the children in our care.