Become a volunteer

Volunteers are the essence of Sok Sabay and they help us transform lives, one smile at a time. We are constantly looking for people who share our goal of improving communities through education and love.

The rewards of working as a volunteer are immense, but it is a demanding job and does not suit everyone. Long hours away from home, no financial incentives and integrating and adapting to a new culture are all challenges that must be carefully considered before applying as a volunteer for Sok Sabay.

Basically, volunteering for Sok Sabay requires:

  • 21 years of age or older at the moment of signing the volunteer agreement
  • A commitment to work with Sok Sabay for at least 3 weeks (21 days)
  • Sound physical and mental health
  • Private health insurance for the duration of the commitment
  • Professional and personal references
  • Private funding of your expenses, including flights, while volunteering at Sok Sabay

Detailed information about our requirements can be found in the ‘I want to volunteer’ page.

Donna, volunteer at the Sok Sabay house, 2002
Donna, volunteer at the Sok Sabay house, 2002

We suggest that you discuss your volunteering plan thoroughly with your family, friends, mentors and peers. You will get encouragement and feedback along the way, and -more importantly- you will find out if volunteering overseas suits you.

We have also published a page with “Frequent questions” to help you make an informed decision about becoming a volunteer.

I am ready to help Sok Sabay

Congratulations on your decision!

Teaching children well in the Sok Sabay house, 1997
Teaching children well in the Sok Sabay house, 1997

Being a volunteer on a foreign country is a big and complex undertaking and requires planning, courage and patience.

To start your application, please carefully read the “I want to volunteer” page and complete the form. Once your information is available to us, we will review it and will contact you to know more about you.

We hope your application is successful and you can join us at Sok Sabay!